We love art that is timeless.

We are the official printer and publisher for The New York Public Library, The Getty Museum and many other archives.

We print art and photography from our own printing facility in southern Switzerland in the heart of Europe. We ship all over the world using SwissPost the world's top ranked logistic service.

We take pride in our work and in delivering legendary Swiss quality to locals and clients far afield.

We have been printing art since 1955, when we began in Southern California. We are third generation art printers.

We make postcards, notecards, posters and art prints.

We print your logo on our designs for your museum, cafe, hotel or retail shop.

Switzerland has the best logistics in the world, we supply all countries from here!

Just choose the designs you wish and upload your logo, we do the rest.

We print and frame your artwork or we supply art from our collections to suit your needs.

Choose the designs you wish from our Museum & Library Collections or upload your artwork below and learn about our fair pricing.

Our Printing Studio in Lugano

Visit anytime, have a coffee!

Via Giulio Vicari 10, Lugano a few meters from the lake in Casserate!

Master Printer

Sabine is our Fine Art Printer and along with Jo, our Art Framer, Miguel, Matt, Cory, Tiziano and myself all work together to bring you great Swiss quality printed art.

We are an atelier at heart with a history of print making so focus on quality is everything to us. Here you see Sabine preparing canvas for our client Ford Motor Company. - Richard Weedn

Visit one of our sister companies: The Flavia Gallery

Our company was founded by the family of Flavia & Jack Weedn. The Flavia Gallery has published the Flavia brand since 1961. Millions of cards and books have been published in many languages around the world.

Flavia Gallery

We print exclusively on a fleet of 7 Canon Printers from ONYS affectionately named after Italian and French Actresses. They love art, photography, vintage cars and epic views.

Our cards are really amazing printed on 100% cotton, cold press archival paper.

Our stretched canvas is best in the industry, each cured and then coated by hand for a lifetime of UV protection.

SwissPost logistics allows us to ship our limited edition graphics, stretched canvas and framed items all over the world affordably and reliably.

We love printing and framing art.

We are third generation art makers.

We supply art to consumers, architects, designers, retailers, film producers and distributors worldwide.

Our art business lineage was started by Jack Weedn in California in 1955 when he began a small aerial photography business in Orange County (between LA acting and singing gigs). In 1959, his wife, Flavia Weedn began her lifelong career in painting and writing. Flavia and Jack began the art selling and publishing/gallery business on PCH in Laguna Beach and at the Disneyland Hotel in 1960's. In the 1980s Flavia branded goods were introduced to Switzerland by ARS Edition in Zug. By 1990 Flavia goods were stocked in more than 30,000 retail locations across the globe. The Flavia Company transformed and became Archivea GmbH in 2009 when it was established in Zug. In 2018 it was moved to Lugano. This art and film business has continued with Jack's son, Rick Weedn joining his father in 1978 and Miguel Weedn, Rick's son joining his father in 2022.

We now serve The Getty Museum, The New York Public Library, Claudio Bravo Collection, The Ford Motor Company, The Henry Ford Museums, The Boeing Company, The Vintage Arte Archive and the Flavia archive among many others.

We love history and art and pride ourselves in merging the two. Our specialty is visual story telling, archival materials and digital technologies in the production of still imagery and film.

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