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We are media producers, rights experts and publishers with headquarters alongside the Lake of Lugano in Switzerland with a sister pre-production company in Mallorca, Spain. We regularly work with the Discovery Channel among many others.

We serve The Ford Motor Company, Carroll Shelby Licensing, and The Henry Ford Museums. We love history and art and pride ourselves in merging the two. Our specialty is visual story telling, archival materials and digital technologies in the production of documentary films and still imagery. Motorsports are our expertise.

We are copyright licensing agents for Ford Motor Company and trademark Licensing agents for Carroll Shelby Licensing. We have made art for broad distribution for three generations.

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"Ford Rally's Across Europe!"

The history of The Ford Motor Company's involvement in rally sports across Europe is legendary. This documentary is currently in development. This project is being produced by Archivea Films S.L. of Mallorca, Spain, Miguel Weedn (Producer)

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